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Michael Camarra


Michael Camarra creates ethereal, neo-futuristic paintings in glowing, preternatural color palettes with exquisitely rendered forms that are smooth and seductive. His compositions combine current technology with ancient mysticism, inviting viewers to explore post-apocalyptic visions of a future that is as enchanting as it is otherworldly. 


Camarra studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In addition to exhibiting across the country, he has established a successful design and illustration career and provided creative direction for such notable clients as Verizon, Toblerone, Reebok, Marriott, among others. Arch Enemy Arts is proud to be one of the first major galleries to have exhibited Camarra’s incredible work since the artist submitted to our open call Spotlight Showcase in 2019. He has since participated in more than ten group shows and produced three solo features for the gallery. 


  • "NEON DIONYSIA" (August 2023)

  • “Gods of a Broken Land” (June 2022)

  • “Epoch” (August 2021) / sold out

  • “Whisper Forest” (May 2020) /  sold out

Catalog of works. 

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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