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Maria Teicher


Maria Teicher is a hyper-real representational artist who creates portraits and figurative paintings with historical and symbolic motifs. Her skill in photography allows her to take impressive reference images that she skillfully translates into paint. Always striking, emotional, and provocative, her work implores viewers to forge deeper connections through the arresting subjects she so tightly renders. 


Teicher completed undergraduate studies at Rowan University and obtained a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art. In addition to teaching at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Teicher runs a photography studio, Iris and Echo. One of the longest-exhibiting artists with Arch Enemy Arts, we are proud to have shown Teicher’s work every year since 2014.


Catalog of works. 

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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