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Chil Mott


With brilliant specificity and careful technique, Chil Mott’s photorealistic paintings are meticulously rendered through endless layers of oil glazing, a technique first developed by the old master painters. Mott employs this approach to create precisely enlarged replicas–the crisp transparency of a dragonfly’s wing or the iridescence of a blue bottle’s exoskeleton. The result is natural, seamless, and presents a deceptive ease. 


Mott currently resides on Sakonnet Island in Rhode Island. Previously an illustrator, he began painting in 2016 and first showed with Arch Enemy Arts after submitting to our 2022 Open Call Showcase.


  • "Sill Life” (July 2022)

Catalog of works.

Below is a list of all works from solo and group exhibitions. Any pieces marked with a red dot have been sold. 

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