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Ania Tomicka

Seed of Memory

solo show

December 1st - 30th, 2017

“Seed of Memory is my representation of one of that really rare and precious moments in life when you know you will remember forever.

It is just a second but it's full of melancholy and beauty, even if it is not always in a positive context.”

Arch Enemy Arts announces Seed of Memory, our first solo exhibition for Ania Tomicka. Equally inspired by the Renaissance master’s study and appreciation of the human form, and heavily informed by American pop surrealism, in her new collection the Italian artist has pushed her work to new levels with new layers of detail and masterful use of light and often minimal backgrounds - a change from busier backdrops and swirling ethereal beings of past works, to allow her characters to exist front and center, frozen in moments of melancholy and beauty. 

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