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2023 Spotlight showcase

group exhibition

Opening March 3rd, 2023


Each year AEA releases an Open Call To Artists in an effort to discover new & emerging artists who aren't already on our radar. After receiving a wealth of exciting submissions from artists based across the globe, we began the tireless task of selecting our favorite artists to spotlight. This year's showcase features 24 artists working in various mediums and styles who we felt appealed to our gallery's overall aesthetic. We are so excited to present to you the 2023 Spotlight Showcase!

The 2023 Spotlight Showcase will be on view from March 3rd - April 2nd, 2023
Sold works wi
ll begin to ship the week after the close of the exhibition, unless other arrangements have been made.

Items marked with a red dot have already been sold.

Payment plans are available. Click the purchase inquiry button below for more details.

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