Equinox • April 4th - April 30, 2014

Arch Enemy Arts will officially kick off their 2014 Season with the opening of EQUINOX, six featured artists who each maintain their own delicate balance between light and darkness throughout their works.


The exhibition will include new work by Scott Kirschner, Archer Dougherty, Jel Ena, and Jessica Dalva, with a special spotlight on the magical realism of Brooklyn, NY-based surrealist painter Hannah Yata, and the non-traditional figurative work of Ann Arbor, MI's Michael Reedy, whose explorations of anatomy, physicality, life, and death, often invoke both the joys and the sadness of human existence.


EQUINOX will kick off with a free and open to the public reception on First Friday, April 4th, from 6 - 10pm.


In the tradition of Arch Enemy // Gallery ML season openers, the event will also feature live body-painting by Nix Herrera from SyFy channel's original series, Face Off, and other feature painters TBA.


For purchasing information and availability, contact archenemyarts@gmail.com or call 215.717.7774

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